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Looking to hire among Green Light Booking’s best  cover bands that’ll turn your wedding reception, corporate function, or gala  to your mind blowing event your guests won’t have the ability to stop raving about…. ever? Regardless of the occasion, you can be certain that the music sounding out via our world class PA system is going to be the perfect background for your perfect occasion. Every event is covered with our Worry-Free Warranty, so sit back, relax, and revel in the tunes! All our Philadelphia cover rings are both experienced and entertaining and are certain to make your event a hit.

LC Rocks regularly performs as a cover ring for Bon Jovi, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, and Van Halen. Ty Taylor – Ty Taylor and the Powder River Band, a Top 40 Country Wave Cover Band. The Pictures Band are among the greatest cover bands in Texas and our program fills up quickly, so act now. But thanks to highly qualified Austin cover bands, cover functions, and tribute bands across the planet, we can still enjoy electrifying live concerts featuring the music of our favourite rock ‘n roll icons.

As a leader in the Texas cover band marketplace, The Newsboyz have been dedicated to providing a memorable experience that you will be bragging about for several years. Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg who had a small group which performs cover songs from a fictional band called Steel Dragon. The Happenings – A 1960s cover band who charted several covers the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

To seek out the cover ring your event requirements, hunt online for artists in your area. Finding a cover band in Philadelphia for your own wedding, event, or party has never been simpler. Camp Freddy – Cover band featuring Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, and several other successful musicians. If you like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue , Journey, Led Zeppelin or Van Halen and are looking for a kick-ass Austin cover band to play at your club, private party, corporate event – Call -LRB-512-RRB- 953-1711 for availability and booking information.

Dark Star Orchestra – Grateful Dead cover band that recreates the sense of person Grateful Dead performances. If you’re looking for a cover band with international acclaim, that will pump up the crowd just like you can not start to visualize, Liquid Blue is a good option. Check out our event schedule LC Rocks is a complete time, travel, performing action!

We’re  America’s greatest music booking agency for one reason and one reason only: we offer the best cover bands you’ll find anywhere at any cost and they are exclusive to us, which means that you can not reserve them in any other agency. Mothercover – The Belgian rock cover band reference which plays all biggest rock cover in the 90’s until now.

Austin is deservedly acclaimed as the Live Music Capital of the World, boasting several musical groups of each genre and several great Austin cover bands. An inferior covers band can all but ruin the night, while an extraordinary one may flip it into the most talked about event of the year. Moreover, you can attend one of our showcase events to view their music for yourself in person prior to making a decision and book your cover band.

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